The Department of Anatomy, established in 1935, is one of the oldest and largest basic sciences department. This department involves three major divisions, namely Histology, Embryology and Anatomy. It caters for the educational needs of undergraduate students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, rehabilitation, nursing, midwifery, hygiene, etc. and graduate students of anatomy, neuroscience, and reproductive biology.
The department enjoys the use of educational facilities such as dissection halls, hall of anatomic models, and a wide range of capable labs for undergraduate and graduate students.
The Department of Anatomy also provides services for the other departments and research centers. The research programs conducted by this division are multidisciplinary and cover studies from a single gene to the structure of the entire human body. Graduate students of this department focus on a variety of different issues in their research. The salient areas of their research are stem cells, neuroscience, and reproductive biology. Currently, the department has 15 faculty members.